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Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings have been an integral part of architecture since the time mankind taught itself to build shelter for oneself. It is simply the technical drawing of a house, or any sort of structure. They are graphical visualizations of your site which represent the sizes and projections of the real-life scaling, Architectural Design while following specific conventions through symbols and whatnot. They’re the sketches which help to establish the actual implementation of the constructed building.

Architects draw and use these drawings and sketches to present their ideas and plans to their customers and peers alike, to convey their thoughts and designs to develop on what has to come. These architectural drawings may show the interiors and exteriors of a site, or its overall appearance. Not only that, it can also be used to show the proportions between the buildings with accuracy and precision. These drawings are used as reference by people of other professions such as engineers, electricians and plumbers to design their work according to it for proper execution of their work.


Architectural drawings are extremely important in this field, and perform a task in the step-by-step process of building a site which no other step does, and that is creating an idea in the customer’s mind of what he can expect in his construction, and may be asked to come up with changes according to that drawing, for his own ease.

These drawings are mostly made on paper, but with the technological advancements, people have been shifting from physical drawings to digital illustrations with the help of CAD software. There are many sorts of drawings such as engineering drawings, technical drawings etc., each of them having their own application.


For example, As- built drawings are made during the construction process, for recording any changes occurring during its construction. They can be considered as log files for the building process. Moreover, measured drawings are the ones which are drawn after the completion of the construction, as a contrast between what was actually planned, and what is the final result of the process.

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